A safe, silent, and smooth ride

Standing out for its safety, passenger visibility, and comfort, the AIRBUS H130 effortlessly navigates the skies above bustling tourist hubs and urban landscapes. Featuring an open cabin design for unparalleled views and comfort, it also claims the title of the quietest helicopter in its class.

With its cutting-edge technology and a spacious cabin accommodating passengers in utmost comfort, it serves as the pinnacle choice for executives seeking a seamless business experience or individuals aiming to reach remote destinations. Whether it’s a business trip, or a luxury vacation to one of BC’s beautiful resorts or fishing lodges, sightseeing excursions, or VIP transportation from Vancouver to Whistler, the AIRBUS H130 excels in meeting diverse needs with supreme sophistication.


  •  Bose headsets with Bluetooth interface to individual phones
  •  Dual USB Ports
  •  Enhanced automatic environmental air conditioning
  •  Room for 6 small suitcases & 6 handbags
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AIRBUS H130 Layout

6 passenger configuration

The AIRBUS H130 can take you farther with a maximum range of 310 NM.

Impressive Performance

The AIRBUS H130 can fly for 2.5 hours, cruising above the weather and traffic while flying direct to your destination.

Cruise speed


125 KTS

Max flight time


2.5 Hours

Max range


310 nm

Anderson Air has forged a strategic partnership with Talon Helicopters, Vancouver’s leading provider of helicopter services, to operate our new AIRBUS H130 for charter flights. Both locally owned and operated, Talon shares our dedication to safety, exceptional client service, and operational excellence.

Requests for Charter services will be managed by our dedicated Charter Sales Associates, then the committed team at Talon Helicopters will take over to deliver exceptional and safe flight services.

With this partnership we aim to expand our fleet offering while still delivering on a seamless booking process and outstanding client experiences.