Travel in Luxury While Saving Precious Time

With their revolutionary wing design, stunning short field performance, luxurious interiors and the largest external baggage compartment in its class, it’s no wonder that the Citation Sovereign is desired by our clients.  Coast-to-Coast range means that you don’t need to stop and refuel. You’ll arrive at your destination faster than by flying any other jet in its class.


  •  Complimentary inflight WIFI
  •  GoGo Vision inflight movies
  •  Satellite Phone
  •  Power outlets
  •  Oversized chairs
  •  Fine china and crystalware
  •  Video monitors
  •  Cabin speakers
  •  Passenger-adjustable temperature, lighting and A/V
  •  Fully stocked bar
  •  Stowable work tables
  •  Microwave
  •  Large baggage capacity
  •  Luxurious, Quiet & Comfortable Cabin
  •  Coffee maker
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The Citation Sovereign can take you farther with a maximum range of 2,500 NM.

Impressive Performance

The Citation Sovereign can reach 41,000 ft in 19 minutes with a maximum altitude of 47,000 ft, cruising above the weather and traffic while flying direct to your destination.

Max speed


MACH 0.8

Time to climb


41,000 FT in 19 Minutes

Max altitude


47,000 FT