The most productive seats in the sky.

With your business solutions in mind, our fleet of  Citation Sovereigns has been fully outfitted with the most tools to improve your bottom line. You and your team will be more efficient in the sky with Wi-Fi, satellite phone, executive tables and electrical outlets. Enjoy big cabin comfort and the freedom to stand up and walk around. You’ll discover a large aft lavatory, fully reclining plush leather seats, full bar, snack and refreshment galley including a microwave. Generous baggage capacity awaits (room for 9 sets of clubs and bags) to make your journey easy. Coast-to-Coast range means that you don’t need to stop and refuel. You’ll arrive at your destination faster than by flying any other jet in its class


  •  Oven
  •  Microwave
  •  Fully stocked bar
  •  Cabin attendant
  •  Espresso, cappuccino & latte maker
  •  Satellite Phone
  •  Luxurious, Quiet & Comfortable Cabin
  •  Complimentary WIFI in North America
  •  A/C outlets
  •  Fine China & Crystalware
  •  Oversized chairs
  •  Stowable work tables
  •  Stand up cabin
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10 passenger configuration

The Citation Sovereign can take you farther with a maximum range of xxxx NM.

Impressive Performance

The Citation Sovereign can reach xxxx ft in xx minutes with a maximum altitude of xxx cruising above the weather and traffic while flying direct to your destination.

Max speed


MACH 0.83

Time to climb


41,000 FT in 20 minutes

Max altitude


41,000 FT